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Become a Visiting Professor at the University of Parma, Italy.
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In collaboration with Fondazione Cariparma

The mission of the Fondazione Cariparma is to increase the wellbeing of the local community through several grants, to socially and economically strengthen the Parma territory.

About us

The project TeachInParma aims at increasing the international dimension of the University of Parma and the presence of Visiting Professors, for a period of 3 years.
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Why Parma?

At the University of Parma we uphold the highest standards for excellence at scientific and research level. The University is located at the very heart of the Italian Food Valley in the Emilia Romagna Region - a region internationally recognized and celebrated for the quality of the food it offers.
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Teach in Parma
Via Università 12 – Parma - Italy
Tel: +39 0521 906440

Project Team
Giulia Frattini                           Stevche Velevski
giulia.frattini@unipr.it           stevche.velevski@unipr.it